NEWS: Rückblick: New Piano Music Inspired by Brahms releases on November 13, 2020 on the Furious Artisans Label!
The disc features all works I commissioned, considering the ideas of transformation and borrowing from Johannes Brahms. It’s been a joy to work with and record the music of Marc Chan, Luke Dahn, Joseph Dangerfield, Jocelyn Hagen, and Edie Hill.

Prayers for a Feverish Planet officially closed on September 22, 2020. I’m really slooow in working through the many amazing submissions I’ve received, from literally all around the world. I plan to contact composers by January 1, 2021.

If you missed the deadline and would still like to submit a work (or more than one) for my project, please feel free to email me at aduhamel@morris.umn.edu. Stay tuned for updates!

Description of project can be found here;
entry requirements can be found here.

Thank you for your interest in my project!