Prayers for a Feverish Planet — Multi-Day Musical Series at University of Minnesota Morris

Earth Day Weekend 2022: April 21-24, HFA Recital Hall, UMM.

In celebration of Earth Day, my Prayers for a Feverish Planet series will be performed; you can attend in person (free!) or via Zoom (links / registration below).
In addition to music, I have speakers lined up for each concert who will join me.

Many of the concerts are centered around a particular theme.
You can see the entire list of pieces in the project here and you can see the initial call for scores here.

The entire project is made possible in part by a University of Minnesota Imagine Fund Special Events award.

Thursday, April 21, 3:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Kate Knuth.
This program is part of the University of Minnesota IAS Thursdays. Register for Zoom link here.

Tapia – Solipsismo
Dicke – White Parasol 
Lemon – Forgive Them Not, For They Know What They Do 
Cornett – Our World So Freely Given 
Burtzos – Perforation 
Callender – Meditation on a Warming Planet 
Gaupp – Those Who Watch 

Friday, April 22, 7:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Troy Goodnough. Zoom link.

Theme: Shadows, Light/Dark, Time, Ephemerality

Bansal – Land of Waking Dreams
Rossato – Å5577 6300 
Takenaka – Cherry Blossoms Falling Like Snowflakes
de Togni – Garden of Light
McLachlan – fiailí ceoil

SanGregory – Weather Sketches 
Schwendinger – Magic Carpet Music, II. “Air”
Van de Venter – Birdflight III. con mosso 
Muyco – Ga Sirum Sirum
Pahn – le peu de temps qu’il nous reste …
Thomas – Landscape of Shadow and Light

Saturday, April 23, Noon. Guest speaker: Clement Loo. Zoom link.

Theme: Anxiety and Grief

Soldier – Lingering in the Back of the Mind
Zhang – Cyclic Coexistence 
Hoffman – 451 
Senko – Boiled Frog
Bohn – Extinctions
Wuest – Dancing Under Waves
Gatta – La Escondida

Field – FIRE 
Draper – Until there is nothing left
Collier – Tarantella
Shahi – Chaotic Dreams
Kayali – What Have We Done? 
Burtzos – Perforation
Gaupp – Those Who Watch 

Saturday, April 23, 4 p.m. Guest speaker: Salam Murtada. Zoom link.

Theme: Water

Ausnieks – Water
Snyder – Ice Age
Mathur – Melting Snow
Lilly – Vanishing
Twombly – Interdecadal Oscillations 
Dicke – White Parasol
Blinkhorn – frostbYte – chalk outline

Saturday, April 23, 7:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Vanessa Cornett. Zoom link.

Theme: Mindfulness/Prayers

Lemon – Forgive Them Not, For They Know What They Do
McCain – Lux æterna
Lewis – Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin 
W. Davis – Meditation for Earth and Sky
Mitchell –  For the Beauty of the Earth
Cornett – Our World So Freely Given
Hořínka – Trust in Heart
Daugherty – Mindfulness in the Midst of It 
Callender – Meditation on a Warming Planet 

Sunday, April 24, Noon. Guest speaker: Ed Brands. Zoom link.

Theme: Human “Progress”

Culver – Piano Sonata, I. Prologue to the Future
Tapia – Solipsismo 
Buist – The Mazed Earth 
Porter – Cementscapes, III. “Filthy Rotten”
Horvat – Heat Island

Mermelstein – Only Edges
Kahler – A Thread of Hope
Sakamoto – Nocturne for Chinese Railway 
Murtada – Our Masterpiece Destroyed! 
Genese –  Falling Down the Same Way Three Times, III. “They hear your violence and they rise” 
Culver – Piano Sonata, III. Aftermath 

Sunday, April 24, 4 p.m. Guest narrator: Athena Kildegaard. Zoom link:

Theme: Pieces with text

Gross – We Have Everything We Need 
Shatin – Plain Song 
Rubin – For the Love of Bees

Sunday, April 24, 7:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Pete Wyckoff. Zoom link.

Theme: Trees and Hope.

Z. G. Davis – Toward Hope
Amiryan – Berkano 
Axelrod – Talking to Trees, VI. “Zephyr”
Williams – Trees of India II. “Jacaranda”
Duarte – Stop Deforestation! 
Szpyrka – Resurrection of Icarus, VII. “Into Light”