Prayers for a Feverish Planet

Music about Climate Change

In late 2019, I was feeling really, reaaallllly despondent about the climate crisis. Every day, I read more devastating news about something on earth that was now extinct, in flames, or underwater. Wanting to make some kind of difference (and knowing that I don’t have the personality or fortitude to run for office), I launched a call for scores so that I could use music to make a difference.

What a phenomenal response! Composers in more than 35 countries sent me more than 170 pieces–with multi-movement works and larger sets, I received 316 individual movements/pieces.

This page is currently under construction!

I’m working on building out the page with pictures and even some videos — a work in progress.

Composers and their pieces are listed at below — a complete list is beneath headshots —
with links to their websites (if available) and program notes.

More coming soon — check back for updates!

Original description of project found here.



Robert Adámy Duisberg

Brian Field

Fabricio Gatta

Casey Mathur

Connor David McCain

Darleen Mitchell

Salam Murtada

Maria Christine Muyco

Bosba Panh

D. Alexander Porter

Paul Szpyrka

Yasuhiro Takenaka

Erick Tapia

Robin Whirlwind Soldier

Dalen Wuest
Dancing Under Waves (2017)
Kangyi Zhang
Cyclic Coexistence (2017)